Inpatient Hospitalizations

During the period of isolation we continue to offer the possibility of arranging a psychiatric admission if necessary.

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Given the current situation of isolation we continue to serve all our patients online聽or by phone.

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childrens and teenagers

Psicolog铆a para problemas en adultos
Psychologist for

problems in adults

Terapia de parejas y sexualidad
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Psychology online

Designed for people who are far away from our centers or who have little time in their daily routine.

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If you can not come to one of our centers, we will go to your home.

Hallin Mental Care is a psychological center specializing in treatments for adults, children and adolescents, and therapy for couples with clinical centers in Marbella , Sotogrande , and Gibraltar .

Many of the ailments, moods or life forms that people suffer are the result of behaviors that at some point have been disorganized. Whether in children or adults, psychology is a fundamental tool to restore these problems. Through our centers in Marbella , Sotogrande or Gibraltar we want to offer you help, and give you the necessary tools to take control of your emotions again .

Hallin Mental Care is a specialized center with 8 professional therapists in very diverse areas of specialization: from eating disorders, nutrition, psychological problems for children and young people or disorders in the elderly. A team with vocation and experience that continually update their training to apply all their knowledge to therapies and treatments with the latest medical advances.



Our team wants to challenge you to a quiz to see how much you know about Hallin Mental Care and for you to get to know us better. Surely you know a lot… or not.

  1. In what year did Hallin Mental Care open its doors?
  2. How many psychiatric and psychological sessions do we do per month?
  3. How many centres do we have open at the moment?
  4. In which hospital do we admit patients who need hospital treatment?
  5. How many countries have we visited with our international program?
  6. How many of our psychologists have a Masters Degree in child psychology?
  7. Do we treat more men or women?
  8. What healing rate do our patients have?
  9. How many people work in our centres?

  1. February 2002
  2. More than 500
  3. Four. Fuengirola, Marbella, Sotogrande and Gibraltar
  4. Marbella High Care
  5. Thailand, Maldives, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Monaco
  6. Three
  7. 60% men and 40% women, very even
  8. Between 80% and 90% depending on the year
  9. More than fifteen, counting both employees and associates

Our medical team

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists, psychiatrists and psychologists who regularly undergo rigorous recycling and updating programs on the latest medical and therapeutic advances.




If you prefer not to call us. Please feel free to use the provided contact form, fill in all the information you can, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Best regards.

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 21:00
Saturday and Sunday Emergency
"Like a breath of fresh air"

For me, going to see Dr. Hallin and the psychologist Cristina is like a breath of fresh air, they make me feel sheltered and calm.

They help me a lot to know myself, they teach me to face my worries differently and to see the world in a much more positive way than I sometimes think it is.
It is like feeling at home and I love the treatment I receive from them, I do not feel that I am a patient, but that I have an unconditional support towards me for people that I have already considered a very important part of my life.

I will not deny that I will love the day that I do not have to visit them again because that will mean that I have already overcome aspects that still need to be resolved.
Meanwhile, I greatly appreciate that life has put me in their hands

Thanks with all my heart


"They has helped me grow as a person..."

I’ve been going to your consultations in Marbella for 4 years and I could not be happier. Not only are they excellent professionals, but also excellent people, which is appreciated in these cases. Not only in these four have I learned about my anxiety and depression thanks to them, but also about myself, which has helped me grow as a person as well. They always treat you with a kindness and empathy that you do not feel you are talking to a specialist, but rather with a friend asking for advice. They are magnificent, an example of both professionalism and humanity.


"Thanks to his closeness humanity and know how to do..."

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the professional help that both Alejandra Hallin and Psychologist Sensi Collado have given me, which have helped me get out of the depressive and low self-esteem situation in which I found myself immersed. And that thanks to his closeness humanity and know how to do, today I am a completely different person and the situation I’ve been through is just a bad dream.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Esther and Gloria, for their patience at the time of giving me and / or changing my appointments, for worrying about reminding me, for their kindness and attention at all times.

Thank you very much to all the team at the Dr. Hallin clinic for everything you have done for me.


"I have managed to return to the way I was before..."

The treatment with its staff is professional and close, the facilities are comfortable and they offer me the possibility of being attended both in Marbella and in Fuengirola.

The therapies with Sensi make me feel comfortable, thanks to their guidelines I have managed to return to the way I was before.

Dr. Alejandra inspires me a lot of respect, she is very kind, clear and direct.

They all help me a lot, since Gloria receives me until I leave.


" I recommend 100 per 100 "

My arrival at his office was a rebound and I thank God every day for that moment. I had many problems with my daughter and thanks to Dr. Alejandra and Sensi, my daughter’s psychologist, we have understood and helped my daughter, we have traveled a lot, but we still have a lot left. I recommend 100 per 100 very many thanks to the whole team.


"They are excellent people and professionals,..."

Last August I was not feeling well either physically or animicamente.At the internet I met the cabinet of Dr.Hallin and I went looking for help to try to improve my quality of life that was already affecting my own family. From the first moment they identified my illness and since then I follow a treatment that has changed my life. It consists of a psychological therapy supported by a pharmacological treatment directed by Dr. Hallin.

They are excellent people and professionals, from the administrative staff who remind me of all my appointments. Sensi who is my psychologist, a loving, empathetic, kind and highly professional person with whom you can always count at any time. And Dr. Hallin, who is a serene and positive person who helps you to perfectly understand your illness.
My sincere thanks to all the professionals that make up this great team for their care in a very pleasant environment in your Marbella office.


"With Dra. Hallin things changed for the better and faster..."

Every so often they ask me what I think of the Hallin Mental Care center, if I am happy with the treatment and the professionals who take care of me. They ask me, in summary, to tell you about a therapeutic experience, which is already five years old.

But for me, being honest about this aforementioned relationship is not a simple therapeutic experience. Of those, to my disgrace, I have had many in my life, from a very young age and with a wide variety of specialists. With Dr. Hallin and her team of psychologists, things changed for the better and faster. His diagnosis was so precise that I could quickly benefit from a new pharmacological treatment supported by a psychological therapy, so brilliant in the professional as so close and human that, in summary, I change my life substantially. Mine and my family’s, of course. Sometimes, we, the patients, submerged as we are in so much confusion, pain and loneliness, we forget those we love and owe so much to.

I have been fighting a complex pathology almost all my life, but for five years I have learned to live with that challenge, there are bad days, yes and also very good days. But above all I am no longer alone in this, nor ever will be.


"I felt very comfortable and calm to be in such good hands"

I am delighted with the doctor Alejandra Hallin is a great professional and the whole team that makes up the mental care clinic, from the first day I attended I was welcomed at home, I felt very comfortable and calm to be in such good hands, I have helped so much that I give thanks every day for having known them and having them in my life.