Inpatient Hospitalizations

During the period of isolation we continue to offer the possibility of arranging a psychiatric admission if necessary.

We are delighted to announce that since the end of 2019 we have been cooperating with Marbella High Care (HC Marbella) to be able to admit our patients in their facilities.

Located between San Pedro and Puerto Banus and close to the beach, HC Marbella is a clinic that meets all the ideal requisites for the admission of the psychiatric patient.

With few rooms and a highly personalised service, the hospital offers the possibility of admission for patients who voluntarily wish to receive intensive psychiatric treatment. Patients receive 3 hours of daily therapy with qualified multilingual psychologists, being able to be treated in Spanish, English, Swedish and Norwegian. A team of psychiatrists trained both in Spain and overseas, will attend to patients during their admission, being responsible for their medicinal treatment should this be necessary.

Having a medical and nursing team who support us, also allows us to perform drug and alcohol detoxification, something that cannot be done in a safe manner in a non-hospital centre. The detoxification from alcohol and some other substances such as benzodiazepines can be lethal if not carried out under medical supervision.
The detoxing of substances like opioid drugs can be assisted with medication to make the process less uncomfortable.

We have been working with many professionals at HC Marbella intermittently for the past two decades, the experience of the health personnel in treating psychiatric patients is highly valued since their kindness and professionalism makes our patient’s stay more pleasant.

The hospital has a gym and a team of physiotherapists who help our patients to exercise during their stay, obviously in the cases that they are needed. The hospital gardens and terraces allow for the outdoors to be enjoyed.

We count on a laboratory that support us and can carry out medical tests that allow us to dismiss and diagnose organic (physical) problems that could be the cause of the psychiatric disorders. We offer the possibility to carry out a DNA test to help choose the ideal medication for each individual patient. Nowadays this is possible with a saliva (not blood) sample, it is very useful for patients that have tried various medications without results or for those patients who, knowing that medicines take four to six weeks to take effect, do not want to risk having chosen a treatment that is not going to work. This test gives indications (with 90% reliability) of which medicines will be effective on the patient. A revolutionary test which has changed the way psychiatry is practiced.

We offer a carer service for the patients that require this personal attention. This consists of providing a carer for those who are not able to/don’t want to be alone or have special needs beyond those that can be offered by the nursing service at the hospital.




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