Psychological therapy to prevent and cure problems for couples and family

When a problem affect more than one person we talk about family or couple therapies. Changes are important sources of conflict because we left the comfort zone in which we were, and even if that change is “wanted” it is possible that some member is not able to assume all their responsibilities: we talk about taking another step in a relationship, the birth of a child, or how an illness affects the couple or the family unit.
In these cases and many others it is advisable to go to a psychologist and perform a therapy in which we can acquire tools and solutions that allow us to improve the quality of life.

Communication´s difficulties are usually the beguining point, although there are many other problems that affect coexistence or relations between people: unsatisfied needs, jealousy, infidelity, disagreements in the education of children, the use of free time, work relationships, situations of separation, family conciliation …

Changes generate conflicts, even when changes are desired we may not be prepared to assume the responsibilities

Conflict in couples

Problems within a couple are a part of any relationship, but it depends on the...

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