Psychological disorders that affect adults

Adulthood is full of conflicts and problems. Adults come to consultation when they see that their emotions have overwhelmed them and have the feeling of losing control of their life.

However, we must understand psychological disorders as opportunities to grow and change. Despite having feelings of exhaustion or not finding our place, consulting a psychologist can help you acquire new ways and tools to face their problems and enjoy a better quality of life.

Hallin Mental Care is the result of many years of experience, and the synergy of great professionals who have joined forces to offer you very personalized services. Psychologists, psychiatrists, and nutritionists doctors who act in a common way to help you solve your problems.

We have a team of specialists in the area of psychology and psychiatry that will help you find alternatives so you can recover and move forward with your life.

Psychological treatments for adults

Hallin Mental Care has cabinets and centers in the main cities of Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Our psychiatrists and psychologists can offer you treatment in Marbella, Sotogrande, Gibraltar, La Linea de la Concepcion and Fuengirola.




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