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Hallin Mental Care colabora con su plan de Obra Social con la fundación Vicente Ferrrer


Solidaridad 67 is an organization associated with the Medical Center Dr. Hallin whose purpose is to promote and finance projects aimed at the care and education of the most disadvantaged groups in Spain and in the Third World.

Projects funded by our center are small and medium and its main feature is the close relationship with the persons responsible for implementing each project, as well as direct monitoring of their implementation. Our organization does not have any expenses; employers Costean personally any costs of administration and management.

This project is an initiative of the family Hallin seconded by all employees of the Medical Center Dr. Medical Centre. Initially, and now more than 10 years old, our efforts are focused on supporting an existing foundation, The Vicente Ferrer Foundation, which are still closely linked and united, but there came a time when we feel the need to support a project covering people closest and thus came the idea of ​​creating Solidaridad 67.

Part of the proceeds to treat our patients are reinvested in society favoring the neediest. We do betting primarily by the formation and healing of children and adults who without our help would never have access to these services or assistance. We like to think we are intimately involved with our environment and help the suffering is not limited to a particular sector of society, but we do our constraints all around us.

If you are interested in making a Donate to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation You can do so through the following account:

La caixa · 2100-3331-98-2200081776
IBAN (International Bank Account): ES2721003331982200081776

If you wanted to make a Donate to one of our programs,, can contact our office for us to help you decide which program is right for donating.




If you prefer not to call us. Please feel free to use the provided contact form, fill in all the information you can, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Best regards.

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