The field of children’s mental health

In the field of children’s mental health early attention to mental health problems is essential for the future of children since it can be assumed to have a happy life in adulthood. Betting on mental health of the child and therefore your happiness is the best investment you can make. We know it and we want to help.

We differ from other clinics in the following:

  • We have staff trained in the best universities, training courses and we recycle and we are often the last to new techniques and treatments.
  • All our professionals have years of experience in the field of children’s mental health.
  • We care about people. Our work is vocational.
  • We individualize the treatment for each child or adolescent, we not label anyone.
  • Each person is special and we adapt to your needs
  • Our children and teenagers have a variety of therapies ranging from the more traditional such as cognitive behavioural therapy, to equine-therapy or boxing therapy (to increase concentration levels or treat rage episodes). Also we organize meditation sessions with a Buddhist nun.
  • We try not to medicate children. But if there is no choice, our child pharmacologist trained at Harvard University, will evaluate your child and after DNA and blood testing will choose the proper medication needed.

Types of common problems in childhood:

Depression, anxiety, school failure, fears, eating problems, sleep disorder, relationship difficulties, phobias, emotional problems, jealousy, low self esteem, problem behaviour (aggression, tantrums), emotional problems arising from situations (bullying, adoption, bereavement, separation from parents, etc.)

Types of common problems in adolescence:

Insecurity, miss assertiveness, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, poor school performance, low self-esteem, social adjustment problems, obsession, eating disorders, communication problems, conduct disorder because (drugs, alcohol, etc….)




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