Treatment drug rehabilitation in Marbella

We offer a very unique inpatient psychiatric experience where patients are admitted to a place that is nice and pleasant. No one has to share a room. We treat patients with care and respect. Our approach is multidisciplinary and patients are exposed to multiple therapists who have different approaches. We admit patients to our inpatient psychiatric unit but we also offer, depending on the case, the possibility of coming to stay at a yoga retreat based in mountains in the outskirts of Marbella.

There is nothing like it in Spain. Patients are exposed to equine therapy, boxing therapy, drama therapy, meditation, Reiki, yoga, nutritional evaluation (our food is healthy and good), weigh loss programs, exercise programs with a personal trainer, and make up lessons…. Every patient has different requirements and we tailor their experience according to their needs.

Obviously we do have a fully qualified psychiatrist who specializes in psychopharmacology who treats patients and meets with them for treatment. A doctor sees the patient on a daily basis.

A double session daily based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Insight Oriented Psychotherapy will be provided as well.

More than 80 % of patients improve and get better in our centre.
Apart from our main Inpatient Unit, we also offer a Drug Rehabilitation Centre. Our Detox Unit prides itself in making sure that no one who detoxes suffers. It is a 28 day-program with a huge success rate that includes a very intensive after care program.

The duration of a detoxification and rehabilitation program is 28 days sometimes less, with or without a 24 hours caregiver. During the first evaluation the Psychiatrist will determine if the patient will need a caretaker. Call us now for pricing!

The rehabilitation and detox program includes:

  • Nursing and medical: available 24 hours
  • Food and accommodation
  • 4 massages a week
  • Use of the exercise room and swimming pools
  • Complete psychiatric and psychopharmacological treatment
  • Analytical whole blood to enter the clinic
  • Full medical examination on arrival
  • Psychiatric medication
  • Complete psychological treatment



If you prefer not to call us. Please feel free to use the provided contact form, fill in all the information you can, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Best regards.

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