Psychological treatment at home

Psychological treatment For those situations in which you can not go to the consultation we provide you with the Clinical Home Care service.
Through the phone, e-mail or our Blog you can contact us and in the shortest possible time, one of our professionals specialized in the problem you raise will approach your home, to conduct a first interview in which we will analyze your Case and possible solutions.

We offer the treatment of the patient at home for the convenience of our clients.

The detoxification program will include:

  • 24 hours of caregiver
  • A visit to the doctor the other day and also daily Psychologist
  • Blood test as part of the initial assessment
  • Full medical examination
  • Daily nursing
  • Educational program in relation to the dietary needs these days
  • Any visit emergency that requires our team of psychologists or medical
  • Assessment and individualized for each patient dietary advice.
  • Psychological therapy, individualized daily with a maximum of 3 hours. Treating themes of addiction and other disorders if necessary.

El rehabilitación en casa e incluirá:

  • 24 hours of caregiver
  • Psychologist for six hours a day
  • A daily check of the medical



If you prefer not to call us. Please feel free to use the provided contact form, fill in all the information you can, we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Best regards.

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