Eating habits and confinement

If to the confinement that we are carrying out we add that our only outings are those to go to the supermarkets, our level of physical activity has been reduced drastically and due to the state of alarm our emotional stability can be affected, we have a perfect cocktail to present imbalances in our eating habits.

Today we will talk to you about general recommendations that we can carry out to maintain healthy eating habits, in the following publications we will delve more deeply into aspects such as the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger and how to deal with them, as well as eating disorders and the consequences of this confinement.

When we talk about general recommendations, we refer to strategies and guidelines to carry out to keep our diet within healthy parameters.
We also comment that the situation that we are going through in these moments, is a unique situation in which we are all testing ourselves, so it is important to gain flexibility and not blame yourself if you are not always following what is considered healthy.

If one day you eat something you think you shouldn´t or there are certain imbalances, remember that in any habit the important thing is consistency. To be very strict and inflexible , keeps us away from our goal or main objective.

Some general recommendations:

  • Eat a balanced diet avoiding strict diets in these times, since we are facing the challenge of staying at home to be able to deal with COVID 19, as well as adding the challenge of losing weight.
  • Eat at the same times, keeping a routine.
  • Eat without electronic devices or television, try to focus our attention on what we are eating.
  • Plan meals in advance so that you don’t end up snacking on anything that isn’t as healthy. Even cooking meals for several days in advance so that we only eat what is already prepared.
  • Go shopping avoiding hours just before mealtimes because if so, there is more chance that we end up buying products driven by the feeling of hunger and not because we really need it.
  • Go to the supermarket with a shopping list and try to buy what is on the list.
  • Avoid eating fast food products, as we are at home most of the time, it will be more difficult to avoid the temptation if we have such products at home.
  • It is vital to stay hydrated, remember that on many occasions the sensation of thirst is confused with that of hunger.
  • Try to eat more slowly, spending more time on meals, a minimum of 20 minutes would be good to be spent on each meal.
  • Maintain a minimum of physical activity to try to compensate for the passivity that confinement produces.
  • To treat yourself from time to time, is also recommended for mental health.

If in your case you think you need more specific strategies or you think it would be advisable to get professional guidance to maintain a healthy routine in these moments, do not hesitate to contact the Hallin Mental Care team, who will attend to you telematically to offer the help and support you need.




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