Manifesto from the COPAO

Manifesto from the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía Oriental (COPAO)

After the exceptional situation that Spain and the rest of the world are experiencing, and the uncertainty among citizens, the COPAO has taken on the task of disseminating some general guidelines in the face of the fear and anxiety of the COVID-19 contagion in a decalogue that includes the following aspects to be highlighted:

  1. Be well informed
  2. Avoid overinformation
  3. In relation to minors
  4. Be careful with the information that circulates on social networks
  5. Follow the recommendations of health authorities
  6. Adopt reasonable measures
  7. Maintain daily routines and lead a normal life as far as possible
  8. Use a sense of humour, remain calm
  9. Do not call emergency numbers simply to ask for information
  10. Recognise emotions and accept them

You can visit the COPAO website for more information: Website from COPAO

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