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Psychiatry and Psychology Marbella at Home

Psychiatry Marbella / Psychology Marbella Hallin Mental Care Marbella

Psychiatry Marbella / Psychology Marbella Hallin Mental Care Marbella

Psychiatry Marbella  / Psychology Marbella

Psychiatry Marbella / Psychology Marbella. At Hallin Mental Care we offer a highly comfortable service for our patients who can not or do not wish to go to our medical centers for consultations. Our team of psychiatrists and psychologists, led by Dr. Hallin, as well as our team of nurses, can be transferred to your home, to provide total comfort in your treatment and therapy of psychiatrist and psychologist.

If you prefer to do your detox at home and the specialists believe that it is possible without risk for you, we will organize everything necessary so that it does not have to be transferred to our clinic. We assure maximum confidentiality, as well as a more personalized and comfortable treatment for the patient.

We have experience dealing with clients who live far from their home country and who need psychiatric or psychological treatment. In some cases it is difficult for the patient to find in his country of residence a medical team that can help him in his own language.

Our therapists speak the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Russian and German.

Hallin Psychologist marbella, a team of psychologists, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists who can treat you at your home, wherever you may, to provide a more personalized treatment.

The attention to clients outside our city or country is studied and planned individually, being able to be online or with displacement of the psychiatrist to the country of the client, reason why each case will be studied, treated and budgeted individually.

Hallin mental Care team of psychiatrists and psychologists in Marbella, Málaga, Sotogrande, Cádiz and Gibraltar,  with more than 16 years of experience in psychiatry and psychology, for adults as well as for children and adolescents. Our psychiatrist and psychologists, are constantly training and updating their knowledge to the therapies and treatments of recent advances.

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