Couple conflicts affecting sex

11 October 2017

Couple conflicts affecting sex

The intimacy of the couple has been aided by the easy accessibility to devices and sex toys.

conflictos de pareja que afectan al sexo

Innumerable couples buy these devices with a certain regularity, which expresses a different approach to sex and to the relationship of couple, more based on a concept of game and therefore with background and ludic objective.

The curious thing is that as the possibility of access to all these sex toys has advanced, the sexual satisfaction of individuals has not increased in parallel. On the other hand, most consultations in sexology and couple therapy can not be solved through these resources, but through facing the internal problems of the couple by consulting a specialist, since mutual sexual boredom has a cause of substance and is not solved solely, riding a certain “circus” in bed.

When consulting a specialist we learn to handle conflict situations in the right way, finding answers and improving our relationship.

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