Does Christmas sadden you …? Change the chip!

24 November 2017

Christmas is an endearing date, family reunions, trips and gifts … wonderful time of year yes, but not for all people…

If you lack a family member, if you live far from your home, you have lost your job or someone you love is sick, then Christmas can be difficult dates because everything smells like Christmas and wherever you look, they remind you of it.

Te entristece la Navidad...? Cambia el chip! hallin mental care marbella sotogrande gibraltar

If this Christmas you do not feel like living it, nothing happens. Think that it is only a few days that will happen and that the important thing is the rest of the year.

It’s okay if you do not decorate the house, you do not go to Christmas meals and you do not watch television movies. Change the chip, stay entertained with sports, reading and other entertainment.

It is a date in which family wounds are reopened and it is an ideal time to start a treatment and cure them.