Does nostalgia always visit us in Autumn?

11 October 2017

Does nostalgia always visit us in Autumn?

Do you feel that at this time of year your mood changes and you get a sadness or nostalgia for no apparent reason ?.

hallin-mental-care-psicologa-marbella La nostalgia nos visita siempre en Otoño?

It is totally normal and the causes are easy to understand.
Sun hours are shortened and therefore, our serotonin level decreases, which can affect our mood. The outdoor activities are also diminishing, the landscape becomes more nostalgic and the change of temperatures makes us spend more hours at home.

All this can lead us to feel low in spirit and the sadness to take possession of us. To combat it, you have to look for the pleasant side of the days that arrive. We become more homemade, we will like to read a good book, watch a movie and have a nice chat with friends by the fireplace or sipping a rich cup of tea. The autumn walks are beautiful and the return home, comforting.

But if you feel that there is something else, if nothing comforts you and you notice a change in your mood, you should seek help from a specialist before going any further. Sometimes if you catch it on time, it does not take many therapy sessions and you avoid much suffering.


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