False myths about antidepressants

27 February 2018

False myths about antidepressants.

The largest study carried out so far by the University of Oxford on the taking of antidepressants, It has demonstrated the effectiveness of these medicines when it comes to curing those suffering from depression.

Falsos mitos sobre los antidepresivos hallin mental care marbella

This valuable study has been developed by this prestigious university to more than 120,000 people in 500 trials over the past three decades, and it shows precisely that it is antidepressant drugs that will help people suffering from depression, to have your mental state improve and be able to lead a normal life.

MILLIONS of people at this time suffer from depression without being properly treated, either because they have not gone to a specialist or because they have difficulty when taking medication for their depressive state.

Once this fact has been proven, from the University of Oxford hope that the results give impetus to general practitioners to prescribe these medications to their patients with mental problems and in this way, break the false alarm about its use.

At Hallin Mental Care, our Psychiatrist from Harvard University, USA,

Alejandra Hallin, is specialized in Pharmacology.