How much and when should my child have the mobile on vacation?

22 August 2017

How much and when should my child have the mobile on vacation?

More than the moment, what has to be taken into account is the time and the handling that will be dedicated our children to use the mobile in the vacations of the summer.

el tiempo y el manejo que van a dedicar nuestros hijos a utilizar el móvil

Child Psychologist Marbella. There is no need to fear this new trend, but to monitor the contents to which the child and adolescent have access. The excess in use does not allow them to have other activities recommended for their age and for the summer vacation season. There are thousands of outdoor activities such as sport, beach or pool, cycling, hiking, reading etc … and if we allow our children to use the mobile phone at all times, it will keep them isolated and inactive.

It is very important on vacation, enjoy family life. The whole family sharing different activities is a priority and vacations are the perfect time to enjoy all together.

That is why it is very important that the vacation mobile has a suitable and limited time and use, proposing to our children other plans and activities with friends and family to have fun and make enjoy other forms of entertainment.

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