How to present my new partner to my family?

27 December 2017

How to present my new partner to my family?

I have a new partner … how do I introduce them to my family?

Cómo presentar a mi nueva pareja a mi familia

This is one of the questions that arise after a separation occurs and a new relationship has begun.

Since it is an important situation that affects many people, and that generates in each of them a multitude of emotions and thoughts, it is convenient that we take into account some guidelines and recommendations.

Consolidated relationship: it is important to present the new person when the relationship is consolidated and we have left a time for the excitement of the principle has faded and we are much more aware of this new relationship.

Patience: whether the presentation occurs before time, or something planned, we must be patient and give time for the children to get used to the new person. The older children are, the more time they need to elaborate and integrate it.

Validate emotions: it is important that the mother / natural father of the child talk to him about the new situation, generating a space where he can ask questions and express what he thinks and feels.

Prudent with affection: For children, seeing their father / mother with another person is something that generates a lot of pain, so we must adjust these signs of affection and be emitting them progressively.

Maintain your space: it is important that for practical purposes, your life is not modified in large dimensions.

Respect: something that is taken for granted and not always carried out is respect. It is absolutely important and determinant that there is respect between the new and old couples both explicitly and implicitly, without making sarcastic comments or disqualifications towards them.