Anxiety can be controlled

15 February 2018


It is very common to hear the expression: “I have an anxiety ..” or “I am fatal with anxiety …”. This does not necessarily mean that that person has a very high level of anxiety.


Anxiety is a state of alertness and activation in the face of a physical or psychic threat that makes it possible to issue a series of responses to our body in order to face or defend against that threat.

There are two types of anxiety:

ü Normal or adequate anxiety: it is the response to a threatening stimulus. For example if we walk alone on a lonely street and suddenly touch us on the shoulder. Our response would be to startle ourselves and our body would be alerted instantly.

ü Unsuitable anxiety: it is an exaggerated response to a stimulus that does not represent a threat. This type of anxiety prevents us from leading a normal life.

Some symptoms of anxiety:


  • Tachycardia, dizziness
  • Throat feeling in the throat and rapid and shallow breathing
  • Dry mouth, gastric discomfort


  • Fear of the future and loss of control. Irritability
  • Confusion and difficulty of concentration
  • Blocking, forgetting, worry without meaning

It is important to find a logic to deal with this situation, for example if we are afraid to speak in public, the reaction would be to rehearse it beforehand and to relax. Thus we will not fall into the personal deception of thoughts of distortion of reality, called Automatic Negative Thoughts (PAN) or Irrational Beliefs.

Seek professional help is vital to learn Anxiety control techniques.

I’m Sensi Collado, Psychologist at Hallin Mental Care.

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