Spring is coming and also the obsession to lose weight

07 February 2018

Spring is coming and also the obsession to lose weight

Right now we have the arrival of good weather and the desire to lose weight face the summer wakes up in us.

The idea of ​​improving our appearance is beneficial, especially for health. The problem is that we want immediate changes due to social pressures and we look for the miraculous diet that later turns out to be the most dangerous.

It is true that it is very valuable to make a change in life, since this is the first step to success, what we call “awareness of the need for change”, however, it is important to be aware of the real reasons, control the expectations and know that they will have to overcome with effort, small objectives that approach the final goal.

Spring is coming and also the obsession to lose weight

As strategies it is recommended:

  • Discuss this purpose with our environment will help us achieve it, because in times of discouragement can support us.
  • Objective: change, with short, medium and long term goals, both related to food and the changes that will take place in your routine.
  • Important to celebrate the small achievements and to be reinforced by them.
  • Be patient and be careful with expectations, all process requires a time, being aware that relapses are part of the recovery process so there will be times where you want to leave, it is important to seek support, recover and move forward with the goal.
  • The best way to achieve a healthy and balanced diet is to seek advice from a specialist who controls both diet and mood.

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