08 May 2018


Every day we are exposed to situations over which we have no control, or for which we feel fear. Something that can not be enjoyed at all or is desirable. Therefore, as a psychologist that I am, I have always been struck by the fact that the bullfighter is chosen as a trade. Well, you should make use of a great emotional self-control when you decide to play your life, every evening, in front of a brave animal of 500 kg.

Without a doubt, the bullfighters say they feel fear.

Fear is the emotion that, due to an extreme discharge of adrenaline, makes us want to flee or fight in any way, because what prevails is the survival instinct.


But bullfighters do not flee, in fact, they repeat day after day, and they are capable of transforming an irrational performance into art, through studied movements, which allow them to take control of the situation.

But refer, not only feel fear to be too close to the bull, to suffer a goring or even to lose your life for it. The bullfighters are also afraid of ridicule, of not carving, that the sacrifice of spending so many afternoons training is not worth it. They also fear for the suffering of their own every time they are exposed to the bull, or that the economic investment that is made in all the beginnings is useless.

The bullfighter every time he jumps into the ring feels fear, but at the same time, he is able to put into practice the ability to manage it. And for that, it is not only requires the strength of will, passion for the trade or have a good baggage of experience and knowledge about what is done, they also need value.

The value does not neutralize fear, because the latter is always there. The courage makes the bullfighter decide that it can lead him to survive, and do a good job when he has a combative animal in front of him, and he goes out to the square with the sole intention of ramming against everything in front of him.

Courage is what makes the bullfighter decide to fight and not want to flee. Thanks to the courage, the bullfighter can get to intoxicate the public and not panic.

Perhaps the value, as well as the temper, the art or the “bullfighting feeling” is not something that can be developed, hence the saying “one does not become a bullfighter, one is born a bullfighter”.