Alcoholic detoxification in hospital

03 July 2018

Alcoholic detoxification in hospital

The detoxification of alcohol at home is dangerous, and can even be deadly. The symptoms, which are experienced after a period of abstinence, vary its severity depending on the time a person has been a drinker, their frequency of consumption and the amount of alcohol consumed. The consequences of alcohol detoxification include mental instability, seizures, myocardial infarction, stroke and delirium tremens.

desintoxicacion alcoholica en el hospital

However, the detoxification of alcoholic patients in the hospital setting is more beneficial. Since you could get more security before the possible complications. And it has the following aspects in its favor:

  • Having a multidisciplinary therapeutic team (psychiatrist, doctor, psychologists, nurses, etc …) ensures a complete intervention, which accelerates the pace of evolution of the person.
  • The structured and healthy daily dynamics in terms of hours, meals, therapies, medication takings and leisure activities help to remove the person from their old habits and behavior patterns. It facilitates work on depressive disorders, the tendency to loneliness and sedentary lifestyle of these patients.
  • Have individualized therapies to work on aspects such as social skills, empathy, low tolerance to frustration, resolution and conflict management, etc.
  • Hospital admission offers an environment of isolation from external negative stimuli. What helps the person to balance avoiding situations of risk. While the therapeutic level is prepared to acquire necessary tools of personal self-management and coping with the anxiety needed in future outings.