Some curiosities of the Kiss

21 August 2018

Some curiosities of the Kiss

The curiosities of the Kiss. There are many types of kisses: friendship, love, courtesy; kisses are expressions of affection of our day to day. We all remember our first kiss, unique and unforgettable, a mixture of fear, full happiness and strangeness.

Algunas curiosidades del Beso psicologo marbella hallin

In spite of everything, the routine boycotts that couples kiss more often. Several studies indicate that “formal” couples kiss less than “clandestine” partners. The first phases of the relationship involve more physical contact. After three years, couples barely kiss frequently: only 25% kiss frequently. In a completely contrary way, the physical contact towards the lovers is much more intense and, the longer the relationship, the greater desire to receive it.

From the above, I can affirm that: “what kills love is not coexistence but to believe that sexual desire and romanticism are spontaneous energies that arise as soon as couples look at each other or touch each other”.

Here are some curiosities about the kiss that I think are interesting to know:

  • During the kiss, about 40 thousand bacteria pass from one mouth to another, most of them harmless. It is proven by a multitude of scientific studies that kissing is healthy since 30 facial muscles are exercised, blood circulation improves and self-esteem increases.
  • Those who kiss frequently live longer and suffer fewer illnesses.
  • In ancient Rome the contracts were sealed with a kiss. It follows that this is the reason why the couple kiss at the end of the marriage ceremony.
  • Although it is customary in most countries to greet each other by kissing each other on both cheeks, some cultures, such as the Egyptian and Eskimo, kiss each other by rubbing their noses
  • The only skin exactly the same in men and women is the skin of the lips, similar to the vaginal lips.
    Animals also kiss, and not just primates. In Asia there are some fish called Besucones, which give each other long kisses while swimming together.
  • When we kiss, it produces adrenaline in the blood, producing an effect very similar to the one we feel when we perform very intense activities such as parachuting or running, increasing the heart rate from 60 to 100 beats per minute.
  • We can achieve a younger face if we practice deep and long kisses since it improves the muscle tone of the tongue and facial muscles.
  • We burn calories by kissing. A one-minute kiss burns approximately 26 calories. If the kiss lasts up to ten minutes, they burn up to 150 calories.
  • A normal kiss only requires the movement of 2 muscles, but a passionate kiss involves moving up to 34 muscles of the face. A person kisses an average of 336 hours throughout his life.
  • Anthropologists say that 90% of the world’s population kisses.
  • The male can achieve a prolonged erection with a good passionate and long kiss. The woman with the same kiss can even reach orgasm.

Definitely our advice is that you practice and practice to perfect the art of kissing, kiss your partner when you least expect it and you will see how your reaction surprises you.

The curiosities of the Kiss: Cristina Blanco